Lee Kofman’s Response to Celebrating Australian Writers

I am very chuffed by the response to my book by wonderful writer, writing teacher and mentor, Lee Kofman, which she recently posted on her Facebook profile:

‘Recently, as I was preparing for a memoir writing class I was to teach, I re-read some interviews from Annette Marfording’s wonderful collection ‘Celebrating Australian Writers’. I was struck again by the wealth of insights in this remarkable book where she interviews such amazing people as Robert Dessaix, Peter Goldsworthy and Charlotte Wood.

I’ve always been an avid reader of interviews with writers and I’m not easy to impress, but Marfording did impress me a lot with her fierce intelligence and skilful immersion in the works of the writers she interviewed. The depth and particularity of her questions, the broad comparative perspective and her attention to style as much as to content are all admirable. A great resource for writers in my view.’

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